Friday, September 14, 2007

The Greatest One

So tonight I watched a video I downloaded a few years ago called "The Mario Lemieux Show" plus the comeback video the Pens played on the jumbotron upon Mario's return called "Superstar". His highlights were truly something to behold.

But the thing is, after watching it, I find myself saying "as good as Sid is, he's no Lemieux"

Does anyone else find themselves saying this? Or Am I just too enamored with what Lemieux accomplished when I was younger to admit that Sid is as good as he was?

I'll let you decide.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reebok Ruins Pens Jersey

Maintaining their dominance over good NHL jerseys’ Reebok has continued it’s torrid raping of hockey jerseys by ruining the Penguins new uniforms. Below is a picture of them, but I warn you, I made the mistake of eating dinner before looking at them.

These pretty much are the leaked jersey’s I posted about a month back, so luckily we have time to prepare for the ruination of our great jerseys. They are slightly different, and not as horrid, but still bad.

This is what the Pens front office had to say about the new designs, copied word from word from their site:
“The Penguins’ logo and colors will remain the same, although there will be some modifications to the striping, the shoulder areas, the pants and the socks.”
Some modifications? You changed everything but the god damn symbol! Liars! What’s next, you’re going to tell us you didn’t actually sign Darryl Sydor and it was actually Ian Moran you brought back? Do we actually have a new arena too?

Everyone liked our old uniforms, even other teams fans. And now we’re left with some cookie cutter bullshit. Take a look at the Senators and Lightning jerseys. Notice anything? That’s right! IT”S THE SAME DESIGN! We have the same jersey of two other teams (of just the ones that have been released mind you) with different colors. No originality, nothing to separate out jerseys from others other than the gold and the skating Penguins. It’s pathetic. PATHETIC! And frankly, that pisses me off as much as the design itself. Reebok has stolen all originality from the jerseys.

Sadly, the gold striped pants remain the best part of the uniform and do help. Even after weeks of preparing myself for this crap I’m still as pissed as if I had just found out.

Our jerseys are lame. LAME! Boring, nothing to them. The lack of anything on the bottom makes them look like some half assed design made by a 12 year old with ms paint.

Here’s another bright idea for you dumbshits at Reebok: why don’t you remake the Stanley Cup with handles for ease of carry and out of rubber so it won’t break in case someone drops it?

$%&@ you Reebok, you’re ruining hockey jerseys. I seriously hope these assholes go bankrupt within the year so the edge system will be kicked out the door and we can get real jerseys back. Who the %#^@ let the idiots their design these things anyways? And should we really be surprised at Reebok's utter failure to make good looking jerseys with the NCAA football jerseys they have been making in recent years?

-The extremely pissed off Pens fan Jordan