Friday, July 20, 2007

New Uniform's Leaked?

We were told the Pens uniforms were only suppsoed to get minor alterations for the new Reebok Edge designs, but new designs that have been leaked since last night, as the team's reaction to the leaking, is suggesting that new uniforms are on the way.

The words "gaudy" and "patchwork" come to mind. If these are the real deal, we can only hope there is enough fan backlash they will be rid of quickly. They are a major drop off from the current uniform's. I dont understand why management would change the designs when everyone liked them.

For the most part, I felt that the majority of the new jerseys released by the NHL were all solid. That is until I saw this monstrosity. What in god’s name is going on here. This blog's title of leaked is quite apropos because it looks like piss on my end. I’m sure the NHL/Reebok know that the Penguins’ jerseys will sell like hot cakes regardless but MY GOD how can they expect that trend to continue with this. Granted you could pretty much change the colors of the Penguins to brown and pink but as long as there is a Crosby nameplate on the back, it will sell.

The Vegas gold is way too overpowering and does not work at all on the dark unis. It appears to simply be just patches of color flung together in hopes of making a deadline. The excessive gold clashes with the black and makes just an awful match on the eye. If these are actually our new home jerseys, I hope to god that the NHL goes back to the home whites just because these whites are a bit better. The gold here is able to mix in with the white more so and at least is a bit more tolerable. Not to mention it isn’t much of a downgrade from the Penguins currents which by the way are on the best in league.

Also notice the underarms. What in gods name is going on over there? It’s like the reese’s peanut butter cups with the chocolate and peanut butter mixing except you know that tastes and good and doesn’t make one vomit at the sight of it. Ugh. Horrendous. They might as well put the Ol Fishtick logo in black, white and vegas gold on the front and call it day.

Of course with all things like this, we have to reserve judgment until we actually see the players wear these on the ice but still. Not to mention actually seeing the front of the jerseys. Regardless, Reebok you can go to hell. I’ll be sure to pick up the old jersey in a clearance bin. Hell, I’m sure the old jerseys will sell way more than these proposed ones.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Crosby Signs Extension

The Pens announced today they signed Sidney Crosby to an extension for 5 years, $43.5 million, which comes out to $8.7 per year. Honestly, the deal is a little more than I expected as with all the talk it sounded it would be in the range of $7.5-$8.0. However, in a few years, not to mention seeing guys like Scott Gomez making over $7 million a year, this could be a steal. It comes in at $1.46 million below the league maximum of $10.06 million per year. But if the cap keeps going up so will the max salary, and if it would go to say, $12 million max, $8.7 for Crosby will be looking pretty good. (You have to wonder if they purposefully wanted $8.7, if so I think Crosby is getting a bit obsessed with that number).

Some people were expecting a DiPietro deal like length, but that is foolish. Crosby will be much more valuable than DiPietro will be and by the time the deal is done will most likely command more.

I think Dave Molinari of the Post Gazette said it best when Shero basically had to hand Crosby and his agent a blank contract, let them fill in the numbers and sign off on it. Crosby is too important to lose and Shero had almost no bargaining power.

Regardless, it is a fair deal for both teams, as if Crosby became even an RFA some team would have thrown the cap max at him for multiple years.

It’s kind of funny, two years ago we thought $6.6 million a year for Vinny Lecavalier was steep, now it’s looking like a steal.


Monday, July 2, 2007

Sykora, Sydor, Sabourin and Scuderi

Well, that certianly is a lot of names beginning with "S" Luckily I dont think it's a fascination of Shero's.

The Pens dip into the free agent market has landed them right winger Petr Sykora and defenseman Daryl Sydor. Both agree to 2 year, $5 million dollar deals. Also signed were goalie Danny Sabourin and defenseman Rob Scuderi.

Sykora comes from the Oilers after registering 22 goals and 31 assists. He has registered over 20 goals nearly his entire career, though his defense and worth ethic can be questionable at times. This was a good signing as Sykora at $2.5 with his skill set is exactly what the Pens were looking for. He will provide a much needed scoring touch for Crosby or Recchi. Props to Shero for getting him.

Sydor comes from Dallas after registering 5 goals and 16 assists. He is on the decline and more offensive minded than defensive. Make no mistake, he is not the same player that helped Tampa win the cup. This signing I do not like. I like Sydor, always have, but he is not what the Pens need. The Pens need a stay at home defenseman, and an aging Sydor is no that. Being 35 Sydor’s contract will count against the cap unless he is traded away. I think they would have been much better off with the likes of Ossi Vaananen.

The Pens also brought back Sabourin who spent one year as Luongo’s back up in Vancouver. Whether or not management plans to have him back up Fleury or merely add goaltending depth is unknown.

Finally, and unfortunately, the Penguins resigned Scuderi. Scuderi registered 5 goals, 11 assists last year: all for the other team. While he will most likely be the 7th defenseman, the Pens would have been better off bringing back Nassredeine or signing someone more effective.

What bugs me most is that more than anything the Pens needed a stay at home defenseman. They lost out on Hannan, which should come to no surprise, but Sydor is not good enough of an upgrade, especially since he will only be getting worse. Letang is a question mark despite management talking like he is already on the roster. If he fails to make the team out of camp we will be left with a terrible bottom pairing in general. Plus there is nothing to say his defense will be any good.

With luck Shero will be signing someone else to help the blue line corps more, but I doubt it.